We made somebody’s list…

by zydecopaws on December 7, 2010

It appears someone actually reads this blog (or at least looks at the pictures) and feels it is good enough to be included on a “Best of” list. In this case, someone at the Guide to Culinary Schools has included us on their “list of 50 of the most tender, finger-licking, good-to-the-bone barbecue blogs out there”.

I have to admit we are in good company on the list. Most of the 4-ingredient challenge bloggers are listed there along with some big names in the business, many of which you will see links to over on the right side of the page (you may have to scroll down a bit to see them, but trust me, they are there). So when you have a minute, drop by and check out their list.

And thanks for stopping by. We probably don’t say it often enough, but it makes it easier to keep doing this when you know someone is actually paying attention…

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