Chuckie Came to Dinner…

by zydecopaws on December 8, 2010


Chuckie the roast, not that scary-looking puppet from those horror flicks back in the 80’s. He spent some time on the WSM first, about 3 hours at 275°F until he was a toasty 170°F inside. Then he came off and was joined in a pot with taters, onions, carrots, and mushrooms. The mushrooms were shy and refused to be photographed here.


A little beef broth went on after the mushrooms jumped in the pot, and back on the smoker it all went until the carrots and taters had softened up a bit. By now the mushrooms had mellowed considerably and consented to be in the picture.


I figured I’d get a picture of my plate before Pigdog insisted I share some of the meat with him. Does this photo make me look selfish?


Anyone can see why I’d want all that for myself. But years of friendship (and those blackmail photos) convinced me to slice up the roast and let Pigdog have his share. This version of the plated photo isn’t as impressive, but it sure tasted good.


You’ve probably heard the expression “good gravy”. Tonight we had that, and it made this meal complete. Comfort food for a cold, windy day.

And not a sign of a scary puppet with a butcher knife…

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