Monday Night Madness

by zydecopaws on December 13, 2010


Tonight we attempted to replicate something our buddy Chris from Nibble Me This did as a guest post last week on Our Krazy Kitchen. As usual, we did it with ingredients on hand and by not following directions.

He called these concoctions Beefy Bite Appetizers; we renamed our version as Steaker Tots so as not to ruin his reputation by being to closely associated with his creation. Hopefully the Ore Ida lawyers don’t show up with a cease and desist order for the use of this name (especially since we used Safeway’s generic brand of “Tater Rounds”).

Essentially these goodies are tater tots wrapped in steak with some various other ingredients thrown in to make the wrapping process more difficult. We used a variety of cheeses, sauces, peppers, and even some bacon just to see what would happen. Here’s one of my favorites; gorgonzola cheese with bacon and No Butz sauce.


Unlike Chris, we used a tri-tip roast sliced into 1/8 to 1/4 inch strips. We also didn’t take the time to trim each piece down into nicely proportioned slices that wrapped perfectly around the tater tot. Oh, and those taters were cooked in the oven per package directions prior to assembly. Gimme a break, it is Monday after all…


Once assembled, they all went on Bubba Ho-Keg along with the scraps of meat that refused to wrap themselves around a reconstituted potato flake treat. The all got flipped once, and after about 6 minutes they were ready to eat.


Naturally, I didn’t keep track of which flavors were where on the grill, much less which order they came off in. Dinner then became a game of “guess that filling” and avoidance of those that might have both jalapenos and No Butz sauce in them.

I will be doing these again, but only for occasions where I can serve them directly from the grill. As Chris noted in his post, the quality and flavor deteriorate rapidly the longer they are away from the fire. I also won’t use tri-tip for them; it is too tough a meat, especially since I didn’t slice it as thin as it should be.

But I will probably make the same mistake and mix them up again next time around…

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