When Company Comes

by zydecopaws on December 17, 2010


Auntie arrived today for her annual Christmas visit. With the kids. Make no bones about it, she’s here to see them. I’m here to make sure everyone is fed, and occasionally provide tech support.

As a result I went into “let the guest decide the menu” mode and was immediately interrupted by Younger Daughter (darn teenagers) suggesting stir fry. So tonight was a repeat of the Spicy Chicken and Green Bean stir fry from last month. About the only difference from that meal and this one was the number of people sitting around the table and the extra chicken breast and handful of green beans that went in the wok.

Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot of recent retreads while Auntie is in town. But check back anyway, who knows when I might slip in something new…

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