Smartkey rant (featuring Cheesy Taters)

by zydecopaws on January 16, 2011

Don’t be fooled by something called a Smartkey when putting new door locks on your house. Unless you like being randomly locked out. Which isn’t so bad when it happens on a door where you can get at the inside from another entrance, which didn’t happen to be the case for the room where Bubba Ho-Keg now resides. Lets just say I’m not happy about spending a bunch of money on new locksets and deadbolts for the lake house, or my day off installing them.

But I was even less happy last night when I went to cook dinner and was locked out of the patio containing all the grills and charcoal for the lake. And it was raining. And the playoffs were on. Fortunately my wife was kind enough to step in and make pasta in the house. Take it from me, don’t buy those Smartkey things. Ever.

So after about a half hour of drilling, swearing, and broken drill bits, I was able to regain entry to the grill palace and prepare what was supposed to be dinner last night.


Yep, cheesy taters again. I can’t have the wife being jealous of Pigdog. And a nice Santa Maria style tri-tip roast. With Cajun seasoning. I suppose that makes it something other than Santa Maria style, but no one up here in the Pacific NorthWet is likely to make the distinction.


So my day off tomorrow will be spent insuring consistent accessibility to the lake house and the grill palace. That and cursing a good idea horribly executed by a certain company that makes things that use not-so-smart keys.

But at least the wife got some cheesy taters.

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