Cook 11: Valentines Day

by zydecopaws on February 14, 2009

img_0207On the grill:

It’s Valentines Day, and the boss picked the meal, so I don’t wish to hear any complaints about how it is a repeat.  I never said I would do something different every time, and who am I to argue with my wife on Valentines Day.  I didn’t have to do the flower thing, and she still has See’s Candy certificates from Christmas, so the least I can do is let her choose the menu now and then…

I suppose I should get around to posting the recipes for the grilled bananas.  I made a mistake tonight and didn’t put them directly over the coals, so they weren’t ready when it was time for dessert.  No problem though; I wrapped them back up, stuck them back on the grill over the coals, and 10 minutes later there were four very happy people sitting around the table enjoying their dessert.

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 17:00
  • Meal time: 17:45
  • Temperature:     33°F
  • Dew Point:     22°F
  • Humidity:    64%
  • Wind:    Calm
  • Precipitation:    0.00in
  • Daily Precip.:    0.02in

The weather was interesting today.  It sprinkled before noon, and then cleared up in the afternoon and was absolutely gorgeous.  If this keeps up, people will begin to wonder what the big deal is about Pacific NorthWet BBQ…

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