Birthday Babybacks

by zydecopaws on January 22, 2011


Oldest Daughter celebrated her birthday with us today, and babyback ribs were on the menu. Because that’s what she asked for. That’s right, that’s how we roll around here. Oh, and there were smoke beans as well.


The whole meal (except for the salad) was cooked on the Big Steel Keg (still nameless). I was exceptionally pleased with the ability to control the lower temperatures; once I dialed it in at 225°F it stayed there with no jiggering needed for the 4-plus hours the ribs were on the grill.


The only real challenges with this meal was having to cook the beans in a foil pan rather than the normal enamel-on-steel one we use due to clearances between the BGE diffuser and the cast iron grate. For whatever reason, the BSK diffuser that was in stock when I ordered it is now out of stock and delayed, so I had to use what I had on hand.

No one complained though. Except Younger Daughter. She didn’t feel well and decided not to eat, and leftovers are in short supply…

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