Mad Science Pizza

by zydecopaws on January 28, 2011

… alternatively referred to as dough-in-a-tube pizza, or as SWMBO called it, My-ah Thai-ah Pizza Pie-ah. I threatened to follow through with my threat from yesterday and made pizza for lunch today out of yesterday’s leftovers. And a big can of “Southern Style” biscuit dough.


Somehow I don’t think the fine folks at Pillsbury had Thai-style flavorings on a pizza in mind when they put this product on the supermarket shelves, but I purposely passed on the canned pizza dough (yep, there is such a thing) as I wasn’t impressed with the results another of the BBQ Brethren came up with. His final product looked great, but the dough looked like a PITA to work with. Besides, the biscuits were on sale and I might want to whip up a batch this weekend for breakfast…


The pizzas crust was constructed by smashing four of the individual biscuits together and rolling them out as flat as possible with a rolling pin. For those keeping track, one can of dough will yield two small pizza crusts using this method. The crust was brushed with a liberal topping of the Thai peanut sauce, then covered with the leftover filling from last night. BS Keg was fired up to 450°F and the pizza put on the top rack for about 10 minutes.


The end result was very good, although the crust was about what you would expect from canned biscuit dough masquerading as pizza dough. Regardless, the toppings will be on “real” pizza in the future, as they more than lived up to initial expectations for flavor.

Who knew carrots and bean sprouts would be good on a pizza? Must have been that tequila-lime chicken that did it…

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