The Madness Continues

by zydecopaws on January 30, 2011

Just like those playing in the Pro Bowl this weekend, no hard work happened with tonight’s cook. And since I still had dough-in-a-tube sitting around (and no hot dog buns fit for human consumption) I decided to make something for the kids.


Out came a package of hot dogs, some tater tots (lowercase, as they were a generic brand), cheese, and another tube of biscuit mix. The hot dogs were split, stuffed with cheese, and wrapped in dough. From the tube.


20 minutes on the BS Keg later, and dinner was complete. If I ever do this again, I’ll reverse the pans and put the tater tots on the cast iron grill instead of the stainless one. The hot dogs were a bit charred on the bottom and the tater tots weren’t as crispy as we normally like them.

But that didn’t stop the kids from devouring them and coming back for more…

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