Green Stuff Happens

by zydecopaws on February 5, 2011

Something had to be done with all the leftover pork from the other night, and as good as the sandwiches were, it was time to make something a bit more satisfying. After much consideration (and a trip to the local supermarket) it was turned into Chili Verde. It all started with a big bowl of tomatillos and peppers…

IMG 0391

BS Keg was fired up, and the greenery went on until the tomatillos were nice and hot throughout and the chili skins were charred. The peppers were poblano and Anaheim peppers; the store was almost out of fresh jalapenos, and those remaining didn’t look very good. Habanero peppers were considered briefly as a replacement, but I decided that chili verde is supposed to be green and not have a bunch of orange specks mixed in with it.

IMG 0400

While that was grilling, two of the remaining pork roasts from Thursday were chopped into 1/2 inch chunks.

IMG 0393

Once the greenery was finished, the big cast iron Dutch oven went on the grill and was joined by one very large chopped onion.

IMG 0405

With the onion sizzling away nicely, the peppers were skinned and de-seeded and then joined the tomatillos in the blender with some minced garlic, fresh oregano and a big handful of cilantro. Nothing like the food processor setting to make short work of a green sauce.

IMG 0403

By now the onions were nicely sauteed. In went the meat, the green sauce, and a couple of cups of chicken broth.

IMG 0407

After a couple of hours on the BS Keg, the meat was now moist and falling apart, and the sauce had reduced nicely.

IMG 0408

After some discussion regarding side dishes, a pot of brown rice magically appeared and made a great complement to the chili verde.

IMG 0413

We also added a sprinkling of cheese at the table, and the family declared this to be a do-again meal. Oh, and largely due to the lack of jalapeno peppers, my youngest declared this to be a “Bob-friendly” dish. Very flavorful, but not much kick to it.

Next time I’m going to add in the orange bits…

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