Never eat anything bigger than your head

by zydecopaws on February 8, 2011

You might also want to consider passing on anything as big as your shoe, especially if you have feet as big as mine. In case anyone is wondering, that shoe is a size 13…

IMG 0420

This is what happens when I spend all day working, haven’t even thought about what I’ll be cooking for dinner, and Pigdog calls from the store. I seem to remember mumbling something like “I think I’ll pull out some steaks” and “if you see something that looks interesting, bring it over and I’ll cook it.”

And I did. And in case anyone was wondering, it was a rare winter day at the lake where the sun made an appearance. Bubba Ho-Keg was out working on his tan…

IMG 0421

The taters went on the grill and roasted away for over an hour before the steaks went on. The scary part is they made those big ribeye steaks look downright puny.

IMG 0423

Pigdog was very happy with the grill marks on the steaks tonight.

IMG 0426

There almost wasn’t room for the salad on the plate with those massive amounts of meat and potatoes taking up all the space.

IMG 0431

We ate good tonight. And Pigdog has leftover tater for lunch for tomorrow. For the record, I’ll be eating salad…

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