Stuck at the lake

by zydecopaws on February 24, 2011

I was supposed to go home from the lake today, but Mother Nature had other plans, as you can see in this picture taken from the normal BBQ vantage point.

IMG 0507

I wasn’t the only one stuck here; the dog has been with me all week. Oh, and Pigdog didn’t have chains with him either. I’ll let you decide which one this is a picture of…

IMG 0511

Since we were both stuck here another night it was time to dig a bit deeper in the freezer and come up with yet another item to throw on the grill. Pigdog wanted teriyaki strips, so I pulled out what I thought was a tri-tip roast and thawed it out. Much to my surprise, teriyaki strips turned out to not be on the menu. Instead, we had these…

IMG 0513

I really ought to get in the habit of labeling the meat after I repackage it with the Foodsaver. Not that anyone was complaining; after all, ribeye steaks are always a crowd favorite.

Pigdog also contributed to this meal by bringing over a huge loaf of sourdough bread and his secret garlic butter recipe. One of these days I’ll convince him to write down the measurements and exact ingredients, but from what he would tell me it consisted of a lot of butter, minced garlic, several different cheese varieties, black and cayenne pepper, and parsley. Well, maybe parsley, it might have been some other dried green herb.

At any rate, it got slathered on the bread pretty thick and the loaf went on the top shelf of Bubba Ho-Keg over the steaks. I think I mentioned this was a huge loaf of bread…

IMG 0514

With all that bread to eat, no other carbs were harmed in the making of this meal. There was another green salad and a couple of Anaheim chiles that needed to be eaten while they were still relatively fresh, but not a tater in sight after all that have been served in the past week.

IMG 0517

Something tells me the family is not going to be happy about missing out on all these meals. I’ll probably have to make it up to them this weekend.

Now how do I break the news to them that I’m going to have to work on Saturday morning and won’t have time to cook breakfast?

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