A Bird in the Hand…

by zydecopaws on March 2, 2011

… turned into two on the BS Keg and were cooked for dinner. Tonight was all about simple cooking (and using some of the spices I got for Christmas). The game hens were cut in half, sprinkled with some Santa Maria rub from The Rub Company, and placed on the BS Keg over the diffuser for about 30 minutes at 350-375°F.

IMG 0526

At this point they were flipped over, some red wine poured into the body cavities, sprinkled with some more rub mix, and left to cook for another 10 minutes until my red Thermapen told me they were done. It must be special because you can’t get the red ones on Amazon at the moment.

IMG 0532

The hens ended up on a plate with leftover brown rice from last night and a salad that looked suspiciously like the same mix from yesterday. It all disappeared very quickly, so I have to assume it was pretty good. I know mine was.

And at least I put a different dressing on the salad…

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