Pigdog got leftovers

by zydecopaws on March 8, 2011

Sometimes things that don’t turn out so great at the original meal turn into great meals later in the week. Tonight’s meal was one of these, as a “just ok” brisket was turned into a fantastic Brisket Enchilasagna. For those not paying attention earlier, Enchilasagna is simply enchiladas for lazy people. Or those that can’t roll tortillas. I’ll leave it to the readers to decide which category this writer fits in.

Other than a complete lack of black olives (next time I’ll check the pantry before I go to the store), the typical recipe was followed. A red onion was chopped and sauteed in a small amount of EVOO. When the onions were soft, a small can of chopped green chilies joined them in the pan, followed shortly by a generous amount of chopped leftover brisket flat. A small amount of enchilada sauce was poured in the pan to moisten up the mixture which stayed on the stove long enough to thoroughly heat the meat.

IMG 0574

Assembly consisted of pouring a bit of sauce in a foil pan, adding a couple of flour tortillas, and then a layer of the meat mixture and a couple of handfuls of shredded cheese. Another layer of tortillas went on top of this, covered with sauce, topped with meat and cheese, and topped again by some more tortillas. The rest of the sauce was poured over the top and covered with some more cheese.

IMG 0579

Bubba Ho-Keg was set up for indirect cooking, and the pan went on to cook at 350-375°F for about 30 minutes. By this time the cheese had melted and the sauce was bubbling away.

IMG 0584

The final result had a nice smokey flavor and was arguably one of the better batches of Enchilasgna I’ve made. A little sour cream on the side, a salad to add some roughage to the meal, and we were ready to eat.

IMG 0587

Pigdog seemed to enjoy the leftovers. As it stands I will probably catch hell from my family when I get home. To make matters worse, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and I have no plans to adhere to any dietary restrictions.

After all, the Catholics won’t be around to make me cook fish…

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