Cleaning out the refrigerator

by zydecopaws on March 15, 2011

My wife won’t let me put anything else on the grill until all the leftovers are gone. I did some cooking over the weekend that won’t be posted until Thursday morning for a special St. Paddy’s Day 4-ingredient challenge, and there was still brisket leftover from a couple of weeks back. Not to mention the pasta she made last night. Which I ate for lunch.

So tonight I whipped up a batch of brisket chili and took care of that container of leftovers, the last onion, and the remaining Anaheim chilies. The cans of crushed tomatoes and kidney beans are considered staples, don’t take up space in the refrigerator, but were essential parts of this particular batch of chili. Along with a generous sprinkling of cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, and red pepper flakes. Oh, and don’t forget the shredded cheese that went on top right before it was served…

IMG 0614

The end product had a wonderful smokey flavor from the brisket (in spite of the fact I cooked it in the house on the stove) and disappeared pretty quickly. And now there is some more space in the refrigerator, because there certainly wasn’t any chili leftover.

Sorry Pigdog, but the family is more than a bit upset that you have been the beneficiary lately of what they think of as their leftovers…

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