Pub Grub

by zydecopaws on March 17, 2011

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I cooked up some nice pub grub reminiscent of food we ate on our trip to Ireland last year. Bangers and Mash were on the menu, featuring some Irish sausages the wife scored at Trader Joes. BS Keg was fired up to grill the sausages in spite of the strange looks I got.

IMG 0625

The strange looks were a result of firing up the grill for six sausages, as the rest of the meal was cooked in the house. I suppose I could have done the whole thing on the grill, but I would have had to start cooking much earlier, and work wouldn’t permit it.

IMG 0628

Those carrots you see in the background of the picture were actually cooked most of the day with some corned beef that was happily cooking away in the crockpot. I know some of you may be having an issue with that, but some things were meant to be boiled, and the corned beef will be shredded and put into hash and several other dishes at a later date. The gravy was something I whipped up using ingredients on hand (onion soup mix; I was out of onions) and was pretty tasty in spite of its pedigree.

Last, we had a visitor for dinner tonight.

IMG 0629

Younger Daughter has a science project going on at school that requires (at least so she says) the use of balloon animal balloons for propulsion purposes. The dog in the picture above was only her second attempt at using one of the balloons for their intended purpose.

Maybe I should be looking into clown college for her instead of one of the more traditional institutions…

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