Stuffing a Burger

by zydecopaws on March 26, 2011

In the very near future I will be called upon to review a product that makes stuffing burgers easier (at least that’s what it claims) so I figured I’d better stuff a burger (or four) by hand today so that I’ll have something to compare it to. And since I was smoking some fish today (more on that in a future post) it was a double win, as the burgers could be smoked rather than grilled.

The process began by chopping up some mushrooms, swiss cheese, and bacon for the stuffing mix. Fairly large ground beef patties were formed with a slight depression in the middle and layered with the stuffing.

IMG 0660

Another beef patty was formed and laid over the top, and the sides pressed together to keep all the stuffings in. For those following along at home, I recommend the use of some food-grade nitrile gloves for this process; the cleanup is easier and you don’t suffer flashbacks of the year you worked at McDonalds when you were a teenager from the smell on your hands afterwards…

IMG 0663

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have made each half out of enough meat for a burger all by itself. As you can see, these filled a plate up pretty well, and were almost 2 inches thick. They all went on the WSM at 225°F next to some fish that was smoking, got a liberal sprinkling of Simply Marvelous Season All, and were ready to eat in about 90 minutes.

IMG 0668

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was very little shrinkage. Of the burgers. Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a family site. The burgers were daunting all by themselves, and my family was wondering how they were going to get their mouths around them once they were loaded up on some garlic sourdough toast. Notice the normal condiments on the side; there was no point in making the completed burger any taller.

IMG 0674

My wife didn’t bother with any bread with hers, and only wanted half of one. This gave me a perfect opportunity to show what one looked like when cut into.

IMG 0677

All in all, not a horrible experience. Next time around I’ll make the burgers thinner, but I have to say it really wasn’t that difficult to fix these this way and they were pretty tasty in spite of being hard to get your mouth around.

And with that comment, I’m guessing I’ve got another post that will attract some more comment spammers. Right now it appears they seem to thing that smoker beans have something to do luxury German automobiles as well as medications for erectile disfunction…

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