Appetizers from Leftovers

by zydecopaws on March 27, 2011

We had a few leftovers from yesterday’s cook and since today’s efforts are geared towards using that smoked fish for March’s challenge meal (check back tomorrow to see what we did with it) I figured I’d have a little fun and create an appetizer that most kids would eat and that was easy to prepare.

So I cut off a couple of thin slices from a sourdough baguette and popped them in the toaster oven. While they were toasting, I took the remaining stuffed burger from yesterday, a small Roma tomato, and a dill pickle and sliced them all pretty thin. I then topped each toasted sourdough round with a dollop of dijon mustard, a pickle slice, a slice of the smoked burger, and a slice of tomato. I topped that with a dollop of Big Butz Cranberry BBQ Sauce, shreds of swiss cheese, and a sprinkle of chopped fresh cilantro.

IMG 0683

Total prep time was slightly over 10 minutes. The appetizers disappeared in seconds once the photography session was over. The verdict? Kid-approved, and easy to make.

If I was making burgers specifically for this purpose rather than using leftovers, I’d roll them like a small meatloaf or fatty so that they could be sliced evenly and have the stuffings be more uniform on each serving. Something tells me I’ll be serving these up again sometime later this summer, as they lend themselves to some great variety in the types of stuffings and cheeses for toppings.

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