Review: Burger Pocket Press, part 2

by zydecopaws on April 7, 2011

As promised, I punched out another stuffed (and non-stuffed) burger using the Burger Pocket Press and smoked it (them) on the WSM the other day when pork butts were the main attraction. This time around we used ground beef that was fully thawed (but still direct from the refrigerator). As you can see from the following pictures, similar issues were encountered with the self-sealing claims of the manufacturer.

IMG 0739

Since I was still in Mad Science mode, I didn’t bother to seal the burger any more, especially since I don’t flip the burgers when smoking them. And as you can also see, the Burger Pocket Press kicked out a non-stuffed (flat) burger just fine. There wasn’t enough ground beef left to make another stuffed burger, so instead we made up that 1/3 pound monster you see there.

IMG 0743

As you can see from the picture above, there was some separation and leakage from the stuffed burger on the grill. Pay no attention to those monster pork butts next to it; if you want to go drool about those check out the link above for more pictures.

IMG 0746

Once again we ended up with some tall sandwiches once assembled. Younger Daughter and I chowed down on these while SWMBO and the Little Red-haired Boy were out and about. Which is where I should have been when they got home and found out we had burgers without them. But I digress…

In summary, the Burger Pocket Press isn’t perfect, but it does a pretty good job of doing what it says it does. It is really good at cranking out flat, even burgers from fresh ground beef. If you are looking to do stuffed burgers without having to get your fingers messy when sealing, then keep looking for another solution. If you don’t mind a little handling of your meat (once again, I can hardly wait for the spam comments to come rolling in) then it does make nice, even patties in a quick fashion. You won’t ever lose track of it in the cupboard with those bright colors, and it cleans up nicely in the dishwasher.

I guess the real question is do you want to spend around $20 for another kitchen gadget? This one is fairly single-purposed, although my wife suggested we try making enormous ravioli with it, and I suppose you could stamp out some mean biscuits or large cookies with it. If you make a lot of burgers (stuffed or regular) out of fresh ground meat and don’t like getting your hands real dirty, this might be just the thing for you.

Or you could invest in some nitrile gloves and make your own irregular sized stuffed burgers. That seems to work well for us

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