It was inevitable

by zydecopaws on April 13, 2011

There were pulled pork leftovers in the freezer, and it has been a busy week. At some point you had to figure there would be either pizza or some other dish made with that leftover pulled pork. This week it was pulled pork enchilasagna.

IMG 0758

This batch was a bit moister than usual, and it had nothing to do with the sudden cloudburst that hit right after it went on the BS Keg. The tortillas were smaller than usual, and there weren’t enough of them to double up and fully cover the pan.

IMG 0761

Didn’t stop us from enjoying them. There is something about making this out of leftover pulled pork or brisket that causes this dish to be so good.

Now I just have to mentally prepare myself for cooking the April 4-ingredient challenge meal on Saturday. Lets just say that whoever selected this month’s ingredients needs their head examined…

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