The thighs have it…

by zydecopaws on April 17, 2011

Yesterday was all about cooking the April 4-ingredient challenge meal (which posts tomorrow morning), and today was all about cooking something that required very little thought and effort. So out came the chicken thighs and sweet potatoes and others’ rubs and sauces.

IMG 0791

The chicken was the recipient of some Big Dicks Dry Rub, and after about 45 minutes on the BS Keg at 375°F (indirect) a nice slather of Big Butz BBQ Cranberry sauce. The sweet potatoes were sliced into long grill fries and given the bag treatment with a bit of EVOO and a fair amount of McCormick’s Cajun Seasoning mix.

IMG 0796

The end result landed on a plate and quickly disappeared. Someone else did the dishes, and I am headed for the couch.

Another successful no-thinking-and-very-little-effort cook.

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