If it worked for the chicken…

by zydecopaws on May 13, 2011

… it should work for the pig as well. The Big Dick’s Rub plus Big Butz BBQ sauce combo worked so well last night on the chicken, I figured I’d give it a try on some pork chops tonight. Same treatment, different meat. Yeah, I know, those sort of statements attract undesirables to the site. Like Pigdog; I’m sure he’ll show up before long and start making rude comments.

IMG 0865

Original recipe trashbag potatoes were also on the menu tonight. There weren’t any burnt ones, but no one complained. There was a fight over some of the more crispy ones though…

IMG 0873

Tomorrow is pinochle night and it is my turn to cook. There may not be plated pictures tomorrow, but there is a rumor that pulled pork will be on the WSM.

Which means more opportunity for rude statements and meals made from leftovers.

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