Always cook more than one butt

by zydecopaws on May 15, 2011

As threatened earlier, I smoked two pork butts yesterday using my usual method, modified only to by using more of the rub in the mop and running the smoker at a higher temperature the second half of the cook. The first was by design, the latter due to concerns about the meat being done in time to leave for pinochle night.

IMG 0876

One of the butts was pulled before leaving for cards while the other was foiled and put in a cooler. In spite of no real rest before pulling, the end product came out real nice.

IMG 0879

It turned out to be a good plan to smoke two butts, as what was left of the first disappeared in a hurry when I offered up the leftovers to anyone that wanted them.

I felt like some sort of pork pusher as I watched the Ziploc baggies being filled and fought over. It was nice to know that another was waiting for me at home and that pulled pork leftovers are in my future…

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