The pictures might be fuzzy…

by zydecopaws on June 1, 2011

… but the steak was excellent. I’m at the lake for a couple of days and had an opportunity to test some of those steaks I bought off the back of a van last week. The two you see here were a sirloin baseball cut, cooked just over rare, and topped with some King of the Cajun gourmet blackened seasoning.

IMG 0071

The steaks were some of the most tender I’ve had in recent memory, and the seasoning was a great choice. And for you Feds out there, my daughter gave me the seasoning mix as a present last year, and to the best of my knowledge she has no association with the company. Disclaimer aside, this was some good stuff and went well with the fresh corn on the cob and grilled onions.

IMG 0074

And if you’re wondering about the pictures, I left the good camera at home and shot these using my iPhone. Looks like I could use some more practice. And better lighting.

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