Teriyaki MOINK

by zydecopaws on June 4, 2011

IMG 0932

Today is World MOINK Day, now an annual virtual event sponsored by our friends in the Dutch BBQ Forum. And since the sun actually came out today, what better thing to do than cook up some Teriyaki MOINK along with some fresh pineapple, grilled onions, and bacon-wrapped stuffed peppers.

IMG 0933

The MOINK was made in accordance to IMBAS rules, using frozen beef meatballs wrapped in bacon, dusted with some homemade rib rub, and glazed for the last 15 minutes of cooking with a mixture of Yoshida’s Gourmet sauce, honey, and brown sugar.

IMG 0936

My wife wanted me to make flying saucer MOINK by wrapping the pineapple around the MOINK as the end of the cook, but I didn’t cut the holes in the middle big enough to pull it off.

Besides, I was hungry and the MOINK was getting cold…

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