This post had too many possible titles, so I went with this really long one that doesn’t tell you much of anything

by zydecopaws on June 5, 2011

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Dinner was a pineapple-chicken yakisoba cooked in a wok on the BS Keg. I was originally going to call the post Wacky-soba as I am sure that those practitioners of serious yakisoba will claim that I didn’t make it properly.

Somehow Younger Daughter got involved with the cooking process tonight, and claimed that the soba noodles looked like brains when they were dumped out of the strainer and into the wok at the very end of the stir fry. This led to thoughts of naming the post Zombie-soba, or Shut Up and Eat Your Brains, which was my comment at the end of the meal when she had a couple of bites of noodles left in the bottom of her dish and was attempting to pawn them off on her little brother.

IMG 0942

For anyone that is interested, the meal consisted of stir fried chopped chicken breasts mixed with corn starch, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce, followed by sweet white onions, carrots, fresh pineapple, mushrooms, and snow peas. A mixture of corn starch, water, and ground ginger went in at the end to thicken, then the pre-cooked soba noodles were mixed in at the end.

So call this post what you will. We called it delicious…

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