Father’s Day 2011 Giveaways

by zydecopaws on June 6, 2011

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and although we aren’t giving out anything here, we have some friends (I know, you’re shocked that we might have friends…) that are giving away some BBQ-related swag just in time to make your Dad a real happy camper, er… outdoor cooker.

First up is the opportunity to win a Hydro Grill Blaster and a nice assortment of grill tools over at The BBQ Grail. The contest is sponsored by MrBBQ.com, and the full set of instructions can be found at the first link above. Or click on the picture below.

Next on the list is a nice set of stainless steel Rosle BBQ tools being offered up by The Grill Grrrl, another one of our 4-ingredient bloggers. As before, if you want to win, click on the picture below, go to her site, and follow instructions. Hey, I never said this would be easy, did I?

And in order to keep things on the up and up, I have nothing to do with either of these contests and no real pull with those running the giveaways. But I would like to see one of my readers take away some of the swag. So enter early, and enter often. Or at least as often as contest rules permit.

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