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by zydecopaws on June 11, 2011

IMG 0960

Some meals require a bit more cooking space than others. When the (now) 9 year old boy requested a (delayed) birthday dinner of Cajun shrimp, teriyaki strips, and trashbag potatoes I knew that it was time to fire up the Mothership (aka Weber Ranch Kettle). As you can see from the picture above, we managed to fill it up pretty well. Although the trashbag taters only appear in one very large basket in the picture, they were cooked in two then combined right before the meat went on the grill.

IMG 0964

Around here this meal would be labeled “comfort food”. Before I started this blog, teriyaki strips and trashbag taters were on the grill at least two or three times a month, and were always being requested by guests. To say I was tired of cooking them was an understatement; if nothing else this blog highlights when we’re in a rut and forces me to cook a wider variety of meals.

But who could deny the little red-haired boy his birthday dinner request? Not me…

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