Quest for The BBQ Grail

by zydecopaws on June 28, 2011

No, don’t queue the Monty Python music, this isn’t that sort of quest. No killer rabbits (but perhaps some killer Welsh rarebit, if we’re lucky), no Spam (except what shows up everyday in my Akismet queue), and (unfortunately) no juicy food porn pictures tonight. Tonight is about waxing philosophic about things BBQ (and helping out a friend).

Larry over at The BBQ Grail is on a quest for The 25 Undeniable BBQ Truths (no, he isn’t missing, so we don’t need to look for him). Things like “BBQ doesn’t come from a crockpot. Ever.” Or perhaps “the only gas associated with BBQ is what you get after eating.” Or for our friends from a certain region in the South, “BBQ is pork, only pork, and will never be anything but pork.”

Regardless of who you are, I’m sure you have your own “BBQ Truth”, so stop on by and leave Larry a comment. Who knows, maybe he will decide that Welsh rarebit should show up on a 4-Ingredient Challenge…

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