Someone gave me the bird…

by zydecopaws on July 5, 2011

Independence Day is over, but not forgotten. We broke years of tradition yesterday and didn’t stage our own BBQ bash and fireworks display at Pigdog’s brother’s house, but instead planned on spending the day at the beach with burgers, hotdogs, and a Weber Smokey Joe Platinum.

But plans change, and yesterday was no exception. The wind was blowing hard enough that we rethought our beach plans and instead grilled the burgers and dogs on Pigdog’s deck. As you can see, special orders were on the grill as well and two lone chicken breasts managed to get cooked along with the other food.

IMG 0089

What is not shown in the picture is the other Performer full of burgers. If I recall, the final meat total was 42 hotdogs, 48 burgers, and 2 chicken breasts. All done in less than 20 minutes once the charcoal was ready. Would have been faster if it hadn’t been for those darn chicken breasts and all the space they took up on the grill…

As for the fireworks display, I have to put in a plug for the Ocean City Fire O’er The Water show we saw last night. We did end up at the beach in gale force winds, dodging sparks from amateur pyrotechnics, smelling like brimstone and campfire smoke, and afterwards thinking it was worth every minute of it to see miles of coastline lit up with fireworks and then culminating in one of the best professional displays I’ve seen since the folks at Fort Vancouver scaled theirs back several years ago.

In retrospect I’m glad we changed our plans. Not only was a great time had by all that went, but there would have been no way to control the temps in the Smokey Joe and cook all that food in the wind…

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