They said it was a roast…

by zydecopaws on July 8, 2011

Today was my last day at the company where I’ve worked (and sometimes slaved away) for the past 12 years. It’s been a good run, but as with all things, change happens. My staff was kind enough to hold a “virtual roast” for me yesterday where they all got together on a video conference call and celebrated my departure with cake and other goodies. And since someone mentioned it was going to be a roast, I went ahead and made something I thought was appropriate for the occasion.

IMG 1017

Turns out they had something else in mind when they called it a roast. After muting me on the call, they proceeded to get even for years of interruptions, long-winded discourse, bad Mondays, and other bad behaviors. Like bad Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and occasional Fridays. Much fun was had at my expense, and there were even a few tears shed that weren’t a direct result of uproarious laughter. Like I said, it was a good run.

But now it is time to get up and go to fun. No more bad Mondays. Or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or occasional Fridays. And what better way to start with some nice pulled beef?

IMG 1024

We even had buns leftover from the 4th for sandwiches. They can keep their virtual cake; I was real happy with what I was munching away on while they provided me with entertainment on the call.

IMG 1031

Many thanks to my buddy Jane for hosting the roast and all those that attended and had fun at my expense. It was one of the nicest (and funniest) things someone has done for (to?) me in a long time, and was greatly appreciated.

I’m not going to miss the company and all the BS you have to deal with when working for a large corporation, but I will certainly miss the some of the people. At least those I wasn’t tempted to push off the top of tall buildings…

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