One Good Salad Roll Deserves Another…

by zydecopaws on July 15, 2011

Last night I threatened to make salad rolls with leftover pulled beef and some Big Butz No Butz sauce. Tonight I followed through with that threat. The ingredient list was slightly different from last night…

IMG 1103

Leftover pulled beef used in place of the pulled pork, and was “enhanced” with some Big Butz No Butz sauce prior to being added to the salad rolls. Bean sprouts were replaced with raw mushrooms and julienned tomato. Pretty much everything else was the same; this is what happens when there are fresh veggies and herbs to use up and there is only one of me to feed this week. For the record, Cocoa the Wonder Dog and resident BBQ mascot will eat the plants from the lake, but turns up her nose at salad veggies from the house.

IMG 1115

The No Butz sauce was also used as dipping sauce in place of the Asian flavors employed last night. This dish might not be for the faint of heart, but for those of us that like spicy food, this was a real treat.

And congratulations to Tom Porter of Big Butz Sauce fame; his sauce was recently named as one of the best in America by Country Living magazine. Something I’ve been trying to tell people for quite some time now…

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