What a Jerk…

by zydecopaws on July 28, 2011

People keep sending me stuff to review. This time it was the folks at Pirate Jonny’s, and in the form of three small spice mix packages chosen from their selection of “Caribbean Barrrr-B-Q Rubs & Seasonings”.

IMG 1218

Since there was only one of me tonight (I wasn’t cooking for the dog; she got fed earlier) I only tried one of the mixes, and to put the Jamaican Jerk mix on chicken thighs. As with other reviews, I resisted the urge to mix in additional ingredients so as to get the full measure of the spice mix on its own. Thighs were well-coated with rub mix and put on Bubba Ho-Keg (indirect) at 375°F for about 25 minutes. Pay no attention to the zucchini; it had nothing to do with the review…

IMG 1222

The spice mix has a very nice aroma of allspice and ground cloves, both fresh from the package and while cooking on the grill. This particular mix has a fair amount of brown sugar in it, and as you can see browned up nicely on the grill (without turning black).

IMG 1228

The flavor was quite good, and certainly was different from most barbecue rubs you normally find in the store. This is a spice I would gladly use again for friends and family. About the only complaint I had was that I was expecting something with a bit more kick; those of you that have been following along here for any length of time have probably noticed that cayenne pepper is a staple, and my biggest failing is making dishes that no one outside of our immediate family can eat without breaking into a sweat. The mix had a bit of a bite, but was more sweet than hot.

Having said that, I would recommend giving this one a try for all the mere mortals out there. For those of you looking for something spicy, go ahead and buy this but plan on adding some additional heat on your own.

And before anyone out there gives me grief for having so much green stuff on my plate, the broccoli salad in the back was laced with bacon, and the zucchini had two kinds of upscale grated cheese on it.

I do that to keep the vegans away…

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