Better without the Bread

by zydecopaws on August 2, 2011

Pork butts were on the menu tonight after being on the WSM all day. Trust me when I say there was another hiding behind this one here…

IMG 1242

You’d think we might be a bit tired of pork following yesterday’s Porkapalooza featuring Pigdog’s Long Loin. Wasn’t so, and didn’t keep Pigdog from trying to sneak some out of the pan while I was taking pictures.

IMG 1245

Pulled pork deserves to be served with cole slaw, so I whipped up a batch and piled it on top of a mess of pulled pork in a hoagie roll.

IMG 1249

As it turned out, the hoagie rolls weren’t the best choice with the rest of the meal. Both Pigdog and I had a pile of pork mixed with a pile of slaw and declared it to be better than the sandwich. Just goes to show you that regardless of how good the fillings might be, the bread can make or break a sandwich.

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