Not a McSpam…

by zydecopaws on August 7, 2011

Ok, here’s a thought. How about making a home version of the McRib sandwich as part of the First Annual OCG Phil Rizardi Tribute? Which just so happens to be the task at hand, and one I was strongly encouraged to leave the Spam in the cupboard for.

Now some of you out there may be scratching your heads and wondering who this Phil Rizardi character is, while others immediately recognize him as the Grand Poohbah of The BBQ Brethren forums, the largest BBQ-related forum on the web. Among other things, Phil is largely responsible for overall management and provisioning of the forums (a daunting task in and of itself) not to mention riding herd on all of us crazies that show up and post. Someone has to keep order, and while he has many deputies, Phil is clearly the head sheriff on the board.

Now Phil has done a lot for the bbq online world, and is a great guy anyway, so Curt McAdams of Livefire and head of the Outdoor Cooking Guild came up with the idea for a bunch of us to come up with our own versions of the McRib, only using real ribs. So I set aside my desire to make another McSpam and pulled out the ribs. A few minutes with gloves, paper towel, and knife, and St. Louis cuts were ready to roll. Along with all those nice trimmings…

IMG 1161

The ribs were sprinkled with Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub as I was too lazy to mix up a batch of my own mix. On the WSM they went, using the 3:2:1 process to cook. Some of the ribs got eaten for dinner that night, the rest were set aside for the sandwich makings.

IMG 1171

The next day I shaved the meat off of the bones from the leftover ribs and trimmings. On a sandwich roll it went with just a little Big Butz No Butz sauce and a side of potato salad. I thought about adding some pickles and onions so that it would more closely resemble the “real” thing, but then discarded that idea as I was hungry and this was looking too good to mess up by adding anything else to it.

IMG 1185

In retrospect, it probably would have been even better with some grilled onions. It certainly didn’t need the pickles, and anything else would have messed with the simplicity of this sandwich.

Hopefully I’ve done justice to the tribute for Phil. And if I haven’t, I guess it’s off to the Penalty Box…

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