Cow Pow Cow

by zydecopaws on August 14, 2011

Word on the street has it that Tom Porter of Big Butz BBQ has officially launched sales to the public of his new line of rubs and Carolina Magic, the stuff you make your own sauce with. To celebrate, I broke open the bag of Cow Pow he sent me for testing and fired up another porterhouse steak.

IMG 1298

Ok, maybe I wasn’t celebrating the launch as much as I just wanted another porterhouse steak, and was tired of looking at the baggie of Cow Pow sitting on the counter. I have no regrets though, unless they have to do with having to place my own order if I want any more of this.

IMG 1302

I still have to work through the Pig Pollen and Chicken Dust, but now it looks like I will be reviewing them rather than being a guinea pig. I’m assuming the other test subjects survived, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see how they taste.

Stick around, there is still chicken in the freezer, and I suspect it’ll be on the grill tomorrow…

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