Cow Pow Taters?

by zydecopaws on August 26, 2011

Welcome to Cognitive Dissonance 101. I lead with Cow Pow Taters as a post title, then show you a chicken breast sprinkled with Chicken Dust.

IMG 1338

Confused yet? Must be near the end of grilling season for those less dedicated. Just because the end of summer is right around the corner is no reason to pack up the grills. Instead, you should be cooking up family favorites with a twist.

IMG 1339

The twist here was that I used up the remainder of the Cow Pow (made for beef) seasoning mix instead of the normal trashbag potato seasonings. I’m happy to report the results weren’t bad (although I still prefer the original recipe).

Oh, and the Chicken Dust is pretty good when used properly as well…

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