by zydecopaws on August 29, 2011

Hot dogs and sausages but no buns? No problem, if you have tortillas. Just make yourself up a batch of Dogitos (named that because in case we didn’t want to eat them, we knew the Dog would Eat Those). Start with a pot of beans, then add sausages and hot dogs to the grill.

IMG 1350

Cook them until they are done, then heat up the tortillas so they can be rolled easily. Add your favorite toppings (mine were dijon mustard, dill relish, and cheese) and roll them up like a taquito (rolled taco). Works with both flour and corn tortillas; I preferred the corn tortillas with the chili-cheese chicken sausage as the result tasted a lot like a chili-cheese corn dog.

IMG 1357

Turns out the dog missed out. She’s getting around better now, but still wasn’t fast enough to take these away from the rest of the family…

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