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by zydecopaws on September 13, 2011

Another night, another batch of take-and-bake pizzas. Might as well get caught up with an overdue post from the weekend…

On Saturday, a group of bloggers, Tweeters, and other social media misfits got together in Oakland (CA) for a meat-up at Phat Matt’s BBQ. And what kind of a meat-up would it be without, well… MEAT! Pulled pork, brisket, and smoked tri-tip for starters…

IMG 0104

And for the record, there were homemade side dishes besides the sweet potatoes in the above picture.

IMG 0101

Not shown in the picture above was the mac and cheese. That particular photo wasn’t decent enough to make the cut and appear in the blog. But it was more than worthy of being consumed. And in case anyone is concerned that the first plate of meat looked a little skimpy for several folks, there were Pig Nuggets as well.

IMG 0113

In order to give a scale comparison for the next few pictures, here is what my first serving looked like on a platter that was at least a foot wide.

IMG 0105

Those Pig Nuggets were served on a platter of a similar size. And if you are wondering about Phat Matt’s ability to cook them to perfection, perhaps this picture will help.

IMG 0114

But wait, there’s more. The clear star of this meal was the plate of not-so-short beef ribs.

IMG 0108

To do justice to these, here’s a picture of Sir Porkalot branching out and working over one of these monster dino bones. And in case you were wondering, that’s BBQ Grail and your’s truly in the mirror. I’m the one that was too lazy to stand up…

IMG 0109

Since I have a reputation to uphold, I finished off one of these myself. I offer up the following as proof. And again, for scale purposes, notice the spare rib bones in the upper right of the plate.

IMG 0111

Now if these pictures don’t convince you to stop by Phat Matt’s BBQ for a meal next time you are in the Bay Area, don’t forget that Charlotte makes desserts from scratch. We dined on two different types of pig candy, and naturally there was cobbler (both strawberry and peach). I would have included pictures of the desserts, but they all disappeared too fast…

A great time was had by all that showed. I won’t mention those that chose to be elsewhere for whatever reason; I figure it was their loss, not mine.

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