Seat of the Pants Grilling

by zydecopaws on September 20, 2011

My Thermapen was an unfortunate casualty of the remodel process. It either got knocked off the shelf, stepped on, or hit with a heavy object (like a hammer) at some point during the summer and developed a nasty crack across the display. I’m assuming there were internal injuries as well, as the display wouldn’t come on in spite of all efforts to resuscitate it. I don’t want to show pictures here as they are graphic and heart-rending.

While I wait for a replacement to be delivered by Mr. Happy (our UPS driver who is anything but) I am reduced to cooking meat by the seat of my pants. This doesn’t mean that I am sitting on it, but it does take me back to the days pre-Thermapen when other measures were required to determine when meat was done. Like texture, color, and (in extreme cases) cutting into thick pieces of meat to see if the centers were done. Nothing ruins a good picture like a steak with a bunch of slices in it, and since bacon-wrapped sirloin was on the BS Keg tonight I felt obligated to use less intrusive methods.

IMG 1442

The bacon wasn’t much help, as these were prime steaks, not MOINK balls (which are pretty much done when the bacon is done). So I went by texture, color, and the juices leaking from the top of the meat.

IMG 1449

The finished result was great for those of us that like rare to medium-rare steaks. Which excluded SWMBO; she is a medium-well to hockey puck sort of person. And I refuse to do that to a steak.

At least she was able to eat around the edges and liked the flavor. That ought to be enough to keep me off the couch for another night…

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