The Taters Were a Hit

by zydecopaws on September 28, 2011

You’d think that not much could top bacon-wrapped filet, but oddly enough tonight’s variation on Trashbag Potatoes did. The spice mix tonight consisted of EVOO, granulated garlic, a generic “barbecue” spice mix, salt, and a fair helping of cayenne pepper. The taters were “thick cut”; each large potato was cut in to six wedges, then covered with the spice mix and cooked in a grill basket on Bubba Ho-Keg’s upper grill.

IMG 1476

The bacon-wrapped filet was dusted with some Simply Marvelous Cherry and cooked until the resident Thermapen said they were done to medium-rare. Unfortunately, this particular batch stuck to the grill, the bacon unraveled, and either the Thermapen lied about the temperature or I stuck it in too far and got a misread. The steaks were rare (which was ok by me). Unfortunately Pigdog likes his medium-hockey puck, and I felt sort of bad for him. Until I got the really rare chunks of his steak. I did offer to throw his back on the grill, but I think he was tired of waiting and wanted to eat.

IMG 1482

The steaks were good, but not as good as the last batch I cooked. The bacon was a bit overpowering on this batch and it was difficult to appreciate the flavor of the beef. On the other hand, the taters were excellent. Looks like my recent experiments with the recipe are starting to pay off…

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