Not Pork Sausages

by zydecopaws on October 3, 2011

The wife scored some Aidells Spicy Mango with Jalapeno chicken sausages during a recent trip to the local Costlyco. Apparently the only time they are there is when they are doing product demonstrations, and she happened to be there that day. So tonight (following SWMBO instructions) I grilled up the entire package on the BS Keg. It seems we will be having leftovers later this week…

IMG 1486

I also fixed some grill fries following the recipe from the other night, and I believe I have found critical mass for the amount of cayenne pepper that can be added to the mix. The family dubbed them “NoBob Fries” after a friend of ours that sets the determining factor for how hot I can make food and still have mere mortals enjoy it. The sausages were sliced in half and placed on sliced kalamata olive ciabatta bread, put back on the grill long enough to make a mess out of the sharp cheddar cheese slices, then served with some fresh honeydew melon.

IMG 1489

The honeydew helped put out the fire from the NoBob Fries, and the ciabatta bread was “an interesting juxtaposition to the mango jalapeno sausage.” Those were the words of SWMBO, and who am I to argue?

Now can someone explain to me what that means?

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