Hamming it up

by zydecopaws on October 6, 2011

What better reason to smoke a ham than Thursday? And since it was Thursday and there was a thawed-out ham on the counter, who am I to pass up an opportunity? Of course, with all the other things going on today I forgot to take proper pictures, so you’ll have to trust me when I say I cut a whole ham in half and cooked both halves on the BS Keg. Don’t make me show pictures of the sweet potatoes on the grill. Instead, I will bore you with pictures of ham bone and sliced ham…

IMG 1492

The topping for this particular ham was a simple molasses and ground clove mixture that was spread on thick, then basted over the ham during the cook. A ginger pineapple raisin sauce was cooked on the stove as a table topping, and dinner was served.

IMG 1500

Tomorrow I’m on the hook to cook for Pinochle Night. Since the painters will be doing their thing, I’ll be departing from the norm and killing several birds with one stone by cooking Chili Verde in a slow cooker. Partly to prove that I can, partly to enter a contest, and mainly because I am hungry for Chili Verde. Tune in tomorrow for a true departure from the normal outdoor cooking adventures…

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