by zydecopaws on October 8, 2011

Yesterday I attempted to alter a recipe for Chili Verde made on the BS Keg in a Dutch over to work in a slow-cooker. The results were good (and the leftovers are already being fought over by the kids), but disappointing compared to the batch made outdoors. Which is ironic, considering that recipe was adapted from a slow-cooker recipe to begin with. Here’s what it looked like just prior to spending several hours simmering away in the crock pot.

IMG 1506

In retrospect, the experience was an interesting one that I doubt I will repeat. Without an open flame of some sort, removing the skins from the peppers is an onerous (and flavorless) experience. Starting with raw meat rather than pre-smoked pork requires browning in a pan, a process that defeats the purpose of “one pot cooking”. And last, the end result is much thinner than the smokey thick goodness that results from the Dutch oven in the BS Keg (think water retention).

Don’t get me wrong, the end result got no complaints from anyone other than me, and I didn’t have any concerns about serving it to those outside the family. It just didn’t compare to the batch made outdoors.

Sorry Larry, this just wasn’t up to my standards and won’t be submitted for inclusion in the America’s Next Pork Crock-Star contest over at pork, knife & spoon.

I wonder if they would consider a Dutch oven on the BS Keg a form of slow-cooker…

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