The Return of the McSpam (sort of)

by zydecopaws on October 31, 2011

What do you get when you downsize a McSpam and then play with your food? You get McSpam Sliders, or as we call them in our house, McSpliders. Not to be confused with McSpiders, although tonight being Halloween, those might be in fashion as well.

My carving technique for the McSpliders has improved since I created the McSpam, largely due to the addition of a modified cookie cutter purchased from a store that most men won’t be caught dead in (hint: it’s a fabric and craft store). My wife wanted to take pictures of me going in, but I wouldn’t permit it. Instead, you’ll have to make do with a grill shot or two. Here’s a panoramic view:

IMG 1580

Here’s a close up showing off the fine carving technique available to all who have access to cookie cutters.

IMG 1581

Tonight’s offerings all used Hawaiian bread buns instead of traditional burger buns, and included a scaled-down version of the original McSpam (Spam, pickle, onion, watered-down Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce), a Teriyaki McSplider (Spam, grilled pineapple slices, and teriyaki sauce), and a Cheddar-Tomato McSplider (Spam, fresh tomato slice, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and mustard).

IMG 1586

There were some other variations made at the table using the scraps cut out of the Hawaiian bread and various combinations of the leftover ingredients, but although much merriment was had at the table, no pictures were taken of those creations. The kids loved the whole experience, and SWMBO liked the Cheddar-Tomato version best (in spite of her original skepticism).

Now I just have to figure out how to mass-produce these on the CrockaQue for an upcoming event…

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