Quesadilla Burgers

by zydecopaws on November 9, 2011

The family insisted I get out and cook tonight, so I figured I would put my own twist on something I saw on another diner’s plate during our Applebee’s experience that will not be talked about. After all, we did promise the manager that we wouldn’t fill out a survey…

So tonight I fired up my version of Quesadilla Burgers. Large patties were formed by hand, dusted with some generic taco seasoning, and grilled to medium-rare on the BS Keg. I figure they weighed in at about 2/3 of a pound each (pre-cooked). The burgers then went into a pan, and tortillas stuffed with grated cheddar and jack cheese went on the cast iron griddle that sometimes doubles as a pizza pan.

IMG 1630

A batch of homemade Pico de Gallo (fresh tomatoes, white onion, diced green peppers, fresh cilantro, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper) and fresh guacamole rounded out the toppings. We used both whole wheat and thin corn tortillas for the quesadillas, and mixed them up just for grins to see if anyone would notice. Here’s a picture of an almost-completed burger:

IMG 1632

If I ever do these again I will flatten out the burgers more so that they fill the small tortillas up better. I’ll also add a hotter spice mix to the meat as these were a bit on the bland side. But in spite of these minor flaws, the completed burgers disappeared pretty fast.

IMG 1635

There is still some of the basic ingredients on hand, so I may do some more experimenting in the next day or two. On the other hand, I may have to grill up some chicken and fix up some serious chicken fajitas.

Decisions, decisions…

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