Wok it off

by zydecopaws on November 15, 2011

The last of the off-the-truck pepper steaks hit the grill tonight, and were actually better than the ribeyes we had the other night. That might be because the expectations were lower, but it might also have had something to do with a nice marinade of soy, hoisin, and teriyaki sauce followed by some time on the BS Keg grill.

IMG 1646

It only took about 3 minutes total to get these steaks done rare. From there they went into the house to be sliced while the wok went on to heat. Once sliced, they were combined with onions, carrots, water chestnuts, mushrooms and pineapple chunks and the remaining marinade at the appropriate times in a hot wok.

IMG 1648

The family made happy noises while eating at the table, and decided that this meal was better than the rib eyes they went on about on Monday. Makes me wonder if maybe they weren’t as happy on Monday as they let on…

IMG 1652

Pigdog will be disappointed that the off-the-truck pepper steaks are gone, although I am pretty sure I can replicate them pretty easily using meat from my usual sources. As for me, I ate too much at dinner and need to… (insert bad pun from post title here)

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