What to do with Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

by zydecopaws on November 22, 2011

Ok, even I have to admit that cooking a turkey roast on Saturday for the 4-Ingredient Challenge meal followed by a full turkey dinner on Sunday for an early family Thanksgiving meal might be a bit too much in the way of turkey. Especially since rumor has it that I’ll be smoking another whole turkey on Thursday.

What this means is that we have pre-Thanksgiving turkey leftovers that have to be dealt with before another one rolls off the assembly line. Over half the turkey was sealed up and frozen, but that still leaves us with a lot of other leftovers sitting around. As a result, Turkey Sliders were on the menu tonight.

IMG 1669

We are now officially out of leftover dinner rolls, and the cranberry sauce is almost gone. There is enough turkey from Saturdays meal for another sandwich or two, and the cream cheese now takes up a much smaller space in the refrigerator. I suppose I could have slapped some dressing on these as well, but one must draw the line somewhere.

Or do they?

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