Happy Thanksgiving!

by zydecopaws on November 24, 2011

Hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was cold, wet, and windy, but it didn’t stop me from firing up the WSM and smoking a turkey on it. Most of the day looked something like this.

IMG 1671

About 20 minutes after that picture was taken the wind picked up, blew the plastic owl off deck rail, and the water hitting the windows made us feel like the house was being run through a car wash. In spite of all this, we still managed to have this as our main course for dinner.

IMG 1672

The Grillzeebo at the lake makes this all possible. I get real wet getting to it from the house, but at least it is relatively dry and mostly sheltered from the wind. The biggest concern I usually have is slipping on the deck and dropping the food.

Along with a lot of other things, I’m thankful that didn’t happen today…

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