Name the Appetizer

by zydecopaws on December 18, 2011

What follows is likely illegal somewhere. If nothing else, it will certainly get me in trouble with the International MOINK Ball Appreciation Society for crimes against, well, bacon.

On with the show. For a variety of reasons that will become much clearer tomorrow, fresh brussels sprouts and bacon were available in the kitchen today. Brussels sprouts somewhat resemble green meatballs (don’t think about that too closely), so what better way to make them edible than wrap them in bacon and cook them like MOINK?

IMG 1714

It turns out that brussels sprouts aren’t toothpick friendly, but after breaking several I was finally able to wrap up a few and sprinkle them with some Rub Company original recipe rub mix. They then were treated to some time on the BS Keg grill, and when the bacon was done, lathered up with some Big Butz Extra Hot and removed after another 5 minutes.

IMG 1719

The bacon was a bit overcooked (this is what happens when you don’t pay attention while prepping other meals), but the end result was surprisingly tasty. Most of the bitterness was gone from the brussels sprouts, and they had a nice crispy-on-the-outside, melt-in-your-mouth on the inside texture.

Now I just need to figure out what to call these in case I ever decide to make them again…

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